The Hostal

From the founding to the present day

How it all started

It all started with Adolf Stephan. As a development aid worker, he spent many years in Peru, where he developed a vocational training system in an industrial company. From the newspaper he learned about a small German colony, which led a forgotten existence deep in the jungle. Spontaneously, he decided to visit this village called “Pozuzo”. It was quite an adventure in the 1980s. The freshly beaten track was hardly passable for normal cars. Several times he got stuck in rivers, but in the end he arrived safely.

Adolf Stephan immediately fell in love with this spot of earth. When he was offered a plot of land in the district of Tyrol, he did not hesitate for long. That was the founding moment.

Adolf Stephan

The years of construction

At first there was only the old farmhouse, which we continue to lovingly restore to this day. Gradually, more buildings were added. The guest house and the house with the restaurant, the kitchen and the bar area.

After the end of the terror season in Peru, it was safe to drive to Pozuzo. Of course, the Peruvians from Lima first discovered this for themselves. An eventful weekend in the “Tyrolean Alps” is a perfect trip with the family. But also international guests who have heard about this insider tip came to visit.

Adolf Stephan was also involved in the village beyond the Hostal Tirol. For example, he set up and developed the carpentry shop in the village.

Aufbau der Schreinerwerkstatt

The best therapy

Back in Germany, Adolf Stephan fell ill. However, he evaded conventional medicine and travelled back to Peru. From the Indigenous people he got Una de Gato, which gave him the strength to realize another dream with the two wooden log houses. He increasingly resonated and enjoyed his time in Pozuzo. Here he had many friends, here he always felt happy. The beautiful garden in the Hostal was his hobby.

Günstig übernachten in Pozuzo

The soul of Hostal Tirol

A house needs a strong back-to-back. We found this in Berenice and Markus. The two are the perfect mangers and have become almost a part of the family. We are in close contact and support the two from Germany.

Team Hostal Tirol

The next generation

The daughter Karen grew up in Peru and has a strong bond with the country – and of course with Pozuzo. Now married and having three children, she continues the dream of Adolph Stephan, who handed over the hostal into her hands. The husband and the children also enjoy the Hostal and travel to Pozuzo as often as possible. We look forward to many more decades and further development.

But one thing is clear: the good spirit of Adolf Stephan will live forever in the Hostal Tirol, in every flower, in every plant.

Gelbe Blume
Gesellige Runde
Rote Blume